Swarovski Crystal Beads

Known for their intense sparkling brilliance, Swarovski crystals have been a celebrated favorite for more than 100 years. These stunning crystal beads are indisputably the best and most beautiful in the world. Known for quality, constant innovation, and great beauty, Swarovski has modified the way they make their crystal beads and components to allow them to offer the same brilliant cuts and reflection, but using a crystal glass that is greater than 99% lead free. Starting in September of 2012 the composition of the new crystal glass contains 0.009% lead or less.

Here at Caravan Beads we have a large selection of Swarovski crystal colors and finishes in three distinctive shapes. Crystal Bicones feature a diamond-like shape which is tapered on each end and wide in the center. These precision cut crystals are pointed but not sharp, and offer 360 degrees of shine while remaining comfortable against the skin. We carry Swarovski Crystal Bicones in 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, and 8mm. Choosing which size (and what degree of shine) you’ll need will depend on your project and whether you’re following a specific pattern. Bicones have an ‘Old Hollywood’ dramatic appeal that makes them unique.

Crystal Rounds add sophistication and value to your designs. The multi-faceted round crystal bead is one of the prettiest bead shapes available and is timeless in its simplicity. We carry the stunning Swarovski crystal rounds in 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm. Swarovski crystal rounds add a soft and luminous sparkle to your beading projects and their faceted reflection seems to illuminate whatever they touch.

Crystal Cubes are the most interesting and unusual of the three crystal shapes. These structural beauties require a little more thought when incorporating them into your beading or stringing projects but the extra planning is well worth the effort. Because of their flat sides the cubes have a particularly rich depth of color. They add a modern aesthetic when strung together, especially when graduated from small to large. They are available in 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm. These sizes look great stacked together as earrings or grouped together in a necklace or bracelet.

If you are like us, then you love a little extra sparkle when it comes to your jewelry. All of our shaped Swarovski crystals are available in an array of vivid colors. Most colors are also available in an AB (Aurora Borealis) finish giving the crystals even more of a sparkling punch. Swarovski stays current by launching new colors and finishes each season, so stay up to date with your crystal collecting.

Free Projects with Swarovski crystal:

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