Drop Beads (DP)

The rounded shape of the Miyuki drop beads (DP) add a bubbly texture to any beading project. These beads can be used to create volume, make an edge more dramatic, or embellish a more traditional jewelry design. While small, Drop beads dazzle because they capture and hold the light. They're somehow cute, graceful, and surprising all at the same time.

Miyuki drop beads measure 3mm wide x 3.4mm long with a hole size of .65mm, perfect for stringing or weaving. When strung, woven or embroidered they resemble waves or flowering vines. These beads seem to JUMP right off the page and are especially eye catching in our Candy Dot Bracelet.

The Miyuki Drop bead family includes the 3.4mm Drops (DP) and Fancy color-lined Drops (DPF) as well as the smaller size of 2.8mm Drops (DP28). All of the DP, DPF, and DP28 beads are the classic rounded drop shape. Miyuki also makes a 3 x 5.5mm Long drop bead (LDP) which is an elongated drop with slightly squared sides. All of these dainty drops do a fabulous job of making woven and stitched pieces more textured. They're perfect for adding depth to a spiral stitch or kumihimo and a bit of whimsy to an otherwise basic peyote.

Miyuki 3.4mm Drops come in a wide variety of beautiful colors including metallics, translucents, and opaques. The fancy drop beads (DPF) have a color-lined center hole that is beautifully magnified by the transparent bulb of the outer bead.

Drops allow you to embellish your beadwork with a more sophisticated texture than regular seed beads. They add dimension and color depth to any piece, as the light travels through the glass unevenly depending on what angle of the drop bead you are regarding. This allows the same beads to appear as if they have many different shades of color.

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