Square Beads (SB)

Miyuki 4mm Square beads add a structural base to your jewelry and contrast nicely with other seed bead shapes. Square beads are eye-catching on their own or they can act as a solid foundation that you can embellish with other beads. Square beads are perfect for bead weaving, especially when creating patterns and shapes.

Miyuki 4mm Square Bead Cartwheel Pendants

The Miyuki Square beads are quite uniform in shape, but have slight variations that give your designs an element of handcrafted beauty. Miyuki 4mm Square beads (SB) are the largest in the square bead collection. With their block like shape the Miyuki Square beads fit tightly together when woven.

Miyuki 4mm Square bead cuff bracelets

Miyuki Square beads are also ideal for any project that needs a more structured base. This solid base is perfect for an embellished peyote bracelet. Even when woven tightly together the square beads still remain flexible and feel wonderful as a cuff bracelet. When stringing with square beads on C-Flex or when stitching square beads into a leather wrap bracelet, a small seed bead spacer will insure flexibility.

Miyuki 4mm Square beads in rainbow colors

Miyuki 4mm Square beads are wonderful for bead weaving, especially when challenging yourself with a new stitch. Their large size and stacking-sides make them line up and 'behave' which is great when creating your first row. I love using these large square beads as teaching beads because they are beautiful, available in so many colors, and are ideal for learning many stitches.

Miyuki 4mm Square bead kumihimo and wrap bracelet

Square beads have a relatively large hole size (1.3mm) that makes them ideal for multiple passes of thread. They have a very smooth brick-like texture when woven together and a scaly sleek quality that feels simply divine on the skin. This is why you'll see many bracelets and cuffs stitched with square beads.

Miyuki 4mm Square beads

Miyuki's 4mm Square beads come in a wide selection of colors and finishes. The precious metal-plated square beads are popular for adding a touch of shine and elegance to your project. The large selection of colors means there's something for everyone. We love mixing the Picasso finish 4mm Square beads with gemstones in a leather wrap bracelet for an earthy feel, as their speckled finish mimics the look of stone.

Miyuki 4mm Square bead Snake Charmer Cuff

Try the 4mm Square bead in your next creation or check out some of our free project ideas on the blog.

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