Half Tila beads

The Miyuki Half Tila (HTL) is a flat, two hole glass bead with a rectangular shape. These popular beads are half the width of Miyuki's original Tila. One side of the Half Tila is slightly domed, while the opposite side is flat. Half Tila beads measure 5mm x 2.3mm x 1.9mm with a .8mm hole. Combine Half Tila beads with other seed beads to create an array of shapes, patterns and colors.

The unique shape and parallel holes of the Half Tila provide creative flexibility in stringing projects. In more elaborate designs they enhance sculptural stitching and geometric patterns. Half Tila beads can be an unexpected element in creating a bezel, lattice work, or a loom woven piece. They are well-suited for creating layers in bead embroidery and giving beadwork structural depth.

Half Tila beads are available in a wide array of colors and textures. There are over one hundred colors to choose from in a variety of transparent, opaque, frosted, metallic, and pearlized Ceylon finishes. With so many color options there is sure to be a Half Tila for every project.

Half Tila beads can be used for increasing and decreasing when combined with Tila and Quarter Tila beads. The brick like shape makes them a perfect component for creating offset patterns. Half Tila beads are also a great choice for leather wrap bracelets or for connecting multiple strands.

Try these projects using half tila beads:

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