6mm Bugle Beads (BGL2)

Miyuki’s 6mm Bugle beads (BGL2) are narrow tubes of glass measuring 1.5mm x 6mm and have a .8mm round hole. They are twice the length of a BGL1. BGL2s have a smooth, cylindrical surface that collects and reflects light at any angle. There are approximately 38 beads per gram and 4 beads per inch.

Production of Bugle beads dates back to the 1860s when they were primarily used in the fashion industry for garments and accessories. However, the use of Bugle beads can be found as far back as the Ancient Egyptians. They were often used to make intricately-woven shrouds that would be draped over the sarcophagus of a Pharaoh or a family member before their tomb was sealed. These shrouds would depict scenery, animals, gods and goddesses and the deceased in their youth.

The hole size of 3mm Bugles allows a needle and thread to be passed through them multiple times. This makes it easy to use them in most projects, such as bead embroidery, netting or making a beaded fringe. BGL2s can be stitched in a fan motif or in flat rows and alternating blocks to create a textured and colorful surface. Historically this can be seen in quillwork done by many indigenous peoples, and was traditionally done with porcupine or bird feather quills.

Bugles can easily add dimension to flat beadwork and look great when combined with the smaller sizes of seed beads. There are over ninety colors and finishes available, ranging from opaque red and orange to luminous rainbow and aurora borealis.

Free Projects with 6mm Bugle beads:

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