6mm Bugle Beads (BGL2)

Miyuki 6mm Bugle beads (BGL2) are narrow tubes of glass measuring 1.5mm x 6mm with a hole size of .8mm. BGL2 beads have a smooth cylindrical surface and precisely cut edges. They are the same width as Miyuki 3mm Bugle beads (BGL1) but twice the length. There are approximately 38 BGL2 beads per gram and four beads per inch.

Production of Bugle beads dates back to the 1860s when they were primarily used in the fashion industry for garments and accessories. The use of Bugle beads can be traced back to ancient Egypt. BGL2 beads are ideal for use in bead embroidery, ladder stitch, and bead weaving. The height and shape of the BGL2 provide structural support for beaded designs and lend themselves to netted beadwork and fringe.

Miyuki 6mm Bugles are available in over ninety elegant colors. The classic finishes include: silver-lined, opaque, matte-metallic, aurora borealis, and ceylon.

Free Projects with 6mm Bugle beads:

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