Wrap Bracelet Style

There's no end in sight for the leather wrap bracelet! The main appeal of wrap bracelets is the diversity of styles. They can be great casual jewelry worn with jeans and a T-shirt, or can be dressed up to go with a cocktail dress or evening wear. I love that wrap bracelets give you the look of wearing multiple bracelets stacked and layered in one effortless piece. Designed to twist around your wrist several times and create an awesome style statement, leather wrap bracelets have been popular on and off the runway for years!

Triple Wrap with Tilas and Half Tilas

Learning to make your own versions of this stylish accessory isn't just friendlier on your wallet, it's a way to express your personality, to relax, and just have fun! Beading really is one of the most enjoyable hobbies. Why not combine a love of fashion and a love of creating? Whether you're looking for something colorful and eye-catching to dress up your favorite jeans or you're hoping to make that lace dress a little edgier, choosing from all the different styles may help you find just what you need to complete your outfit.

Wrap bracelets on display

There are SO many different variations of this easy-to-wear/fun-to-make fashion. The vast amount of bead choices make this alluring accessory a go-to when you want an extra punch of cool. Take your outfit up a notch by wearing a few different wrap bracelets together on your wrist. I especially love having different beads on each bracelet to maximize the look of having several different bracelets worn together. Try one wrap with a brighter color, one with a different size or shape, or play on texture choosing a wrap that's shiny stacked next to one that's matte, one that's faceted versus one that's smooth. Whether you are choosing seed beads, gemstones, shapes, or multi-holed beads, the patterns and varieties are endless. It's a simple way to show off your personal style, fun to make and even more fun to wear!

Wide Tila Wrap Bracelet

Some of the newest wraps I've been loving incorporate multi-hole Tila and half Tila beads. Give the look of loom work by stitching rows of intricate patterns with the Miyuki Delicas. Use colorful leather with a more muted palate of beads, or contrast your thread with your leather for a pop of color. No matter which design you choose and how you decide to wear it, a leather wrap bracelet makes an eye-catching and versatile accessory. Make one or two (or 10!) so you have a bracelet to go with every outfit.

Wrap Bracelet with Tilas

I love giving leather wrap bracelets as gifts, mostly because they're handmade and I'm able to select the beads specifically for the people I love. They're easy, thoughtful presents because EVERYONE loves a handmade gift. I don't think there's a nicer feeling that watching someone open a present made just for them. By choosing beads in their favorite colors, or adding in healing gems for a friend in need (add a card explaining the healing properties for an extra bonus!) you aren't just giving an offering of style, it's a true show of affection. That's why I love receiving hand-made gifts. You really feel the love each time you wear a hand-made piece.

Leather wrapped bracelet project

There's a few important tips and tricks for making/wearing your leather wrap bracelet that you should always remember:

Have your work space clear of clutter. There is a lot of thread involved so it makes it easier if you don't have too much stuff for it to snag on. I like to start my wraps by using a clipboard. This helps keep the stitches tighter and straighter (both VERY important!) I keep my leather, thread, needles, beads, and my button closure handy in a small tray or muffin tin. The tin helps keep the beads organized, making it easy to create intricate patterns within the wraps. It is also helpful to sketch out any patterns beforehand. If you're making each wrap in the bracelet different, determine the length of each section before getting started. Put on some Netflix, grab your clipboard and relaxxxxxxxxxx.

Triple wrap with delicas, tilas and half tilas

Focus on the wrist! Since wrap bracelets command attention, it's best to keep the rest of your jewelry fairly understated. Don't combine a chunky necklace with a bright wrap bracelet and giant earrings. Instead, wear a simple chain necklace with stud earrings and your beautiful leather bracelet. This will ensure that it stands out as the focal point of your outfit. In comparison, if your necklace is bold, keep your wrap bracelet selection for the day more muted. I LOVE the look of nudes this season. Palest peach, beige with a shimmery gold lining, or minky greys pair beautifully with natural nude leather. Contrast the material or tone of your wrap bracelet with your clothing. For instance, if you're wearing a soft chiffon top and jeans, choose a wrap bracelet with metal beads and chunky hardware like box or fish-bone chain.

Wide Tila Wrap Bracelet

Avoid water. Leather jewelry and water simply don't mix. Avoid wearing your leather wrap bracelet anywhere it might get wet, such as the beach, the shower, hot yoga, the pool, or the spa. With proper care, your wrap bracelet should last for years and years. The natural beauty of the leather wrap is just that, natural materials that hold the beads in place.

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