Sylvia Windhurst 

I graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design and started working as a graphic artist over twenty five years ago. I have always been interested in embroidery and crochet in addition to painting and drawing.

About ten years ago I began learning bead weaving (off loom style) and bead embroidery as stress relief from my day job as a graphic artist. There is a wonderful community of beaders on line who post many tutorials and between that info and books I purchased I learned many off loom bead weaving stitches. Bead embroidery came a little more naturally having done crewel embroidery for years.

I found myself making so much jewelry I started selling online through Etsy and also at the RISD alumni craft show for a few years.

I find inspiration in the colors and shapes I find in my flower garden, not just the beautiful blooms but the iridescent gem-like colors found on many insects.

I also find inspiration in many of the materials I have inherited from my mother and grandmother. My grandmother was a professional seamstress in France. She was trained in the art of pattern making and could see a photo of a dress she liked in a magazine and create a pattern to reproduce the outfit for herself!

She did alterations for many years and kept many scraps of fabric including many wonderful beaded trims which I have incorporated pieces of in many of my bead embroidered pieces.

My mother is also an accomplished sewer and knitter and she has given me many wonderful bits and pieces to add to my collection of fabric and bead supplies as well as being an inspiration as a fellow artist.

I truly enjoy making jewelry and will continue to do so for years to come. I also want to explore making textile and beaded pieces that are decorative... possibly wall hangings and ornamental quilts.

My Etsy shop is

I am on instagram as sylviawindhurst

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