Swetlana Rohloff

My name is Swetlana Rohloff, I was born in Russia where I studied painting and the arts. I started doing my first bead projects when I was 13 but it was just for fun.

30 years ago I moved to Germany and turned my passion for beads into a career. In 2017 I began making tutorials for my beadwork after more and more people expressed an interest in learning my process. I also teach workshops in my beading techniques.

I’m currently working on a project called "Fuchsia Thistle" which will be featured in a tutorial and future workshops.

My favorite materials are Delica Beads from Miyuki, because they have such a wide range of colors. I also enjoy using Toho treasure beads.

I am inspired by my surroundings, but since I mainly focus on flowers, nature has become my biggest inspiration.

To see more of Swetlana's amazing bead work:



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