Sig Wynne-Evans

If I could spend my time doing only 3 things, it would be traveling, beading, and cooking! Ok…maybe writing too. But that darn day job gets in my way…so I do what I can in the time I have left once I get home from work.

I have been beading since 1984 (the same year as my daughter was born). To say I love the art of beading is an understatement. Beading and designing seem to consume me. It’s all I seem to think about. What kind of designs can I come up with? What will I bead next? What quirky thing about beading will I find some humor in to write about?

I have had several books published in years past, and I was also a regular writer for Jewelry Crafts Magazine, which is no longer in print. One day, I would like to write another book and submit it for publication. I miss the process.

I especially like the Art Nouveau period and the Pre-Raphaelite paintings. It is a real challenge to create patterns from the old paintings.

Chinese Butterfly by Sigrid Wynne-Evans

In addition to selling kits and patterns on, and keeping up with nonsense on my blog , I sell patterns on where I have over 2100 patterns to date.

(Caravan Beads is happy to be a sponsor and judge for Sig’s latest Elemental Inspirations Challenge. Take a look at the design contest and more on her blog.)

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