Miyuki Halloween Kits

Start feeling the spooky Halloween spirit with these adorable mascot kits from Miyuki. These little beaded charms are a great way to spend craft day with your friends and family.

Miyuki Halloween kits

Toss one in your favorite beader's trick-or-treat bag or collect all five for yourself. They make perfect backpack charms, keychains, or ornaments. I'd love to see a spooky little Halloween tree decorated with these!

Miyuki Tango Black Cat

Each kit contains everything you need to string together these fun little creatures (all you'll need from home are scissors, a ruler and tape!) The instructions are easy to follow and come with color coded diagrams and pictures.

Miyuki Witch Fan Kit

The assortment of characters include: spooky ghost with top hat, pumpkin man, mischievous black cat, pigtailed witch, and (my favorite) the little bat.

Miyuki Tango Cat and Banpi Bat Kits

Please note that these kits have a difficulty rating of 3 stars out of 5. I'd recommend having some bead weaving experience, or working with a friend who has used these kits before.

Miyuki Banpi Bat Kit

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