Magatama Beads

Miyuki 4mm Magatama Beads (MA4) have the look of a plump raindrop. They are top-drilled and look similar to the Miyuki Drop Beads (DP). Magatamas are slightly larger than Drop beads and ever so slightly flattened on each side. This paddle-like shape allows them stack perfectly in a kumihimo braid. Magatamas also fit nicely between round beads and seed beads.

Depending on which color or finish you choose, these dewdrop shaped beads can add a variety of textures to your work. The transparent and color-lined beads add a dimension of lightness and effervescence. The matte opaque finishes are more earthy and organic. The bulb of the glass allows the color of the base to shine through, giving dimension to your work with color and shape.

Our 4mm Magatamas come in a variety of gorgeous colors and finishes - from shining metallics to rich purples, blues, and greens, berries, and sea foams. The color and finish that you choose determines the style of your piece. Miyuki Magatama Beads (MA4) are available in matte, matte metallic, frosted (for that seaglass effect), transparent, and color-lined. The color-lined 4mm magatamas are especially eye catching.

The name 'magatama' comes from the ancient comma-shaped beads used in Japanese ceremonies. History shows that these historically significant beads date back as early as 1,000 BC. Miyuki's modern take on this beloved and timeless shape is a great choice for any project. When strung next to each other the 4mm Magatama beads (MA4) create a beautiful vine-like pattern. Whether you use them to embellish right-angle weave and wire crochet, braid them with your kumihimo disk, or use them as the leaves for a Tree of Life pendant, the result will be beautiful.

Try these 4mm Magatama projects:

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