Kim Drake

I started making simple wire wrapped jewelry in high school to give to my friends. After high school I raised a family and worked full time. There wasn't much time left for my former hobby.

I began creating jewelry again about five years ago.My sister had given me a cool wire wrapped necklace I looked at it and thought, "I could make that".

I love color and many of my pieces reflect that feeling. I also enjoy using gemstones. I purchase most of my stones from gem shows. I like to incorporate vintage parts into some of my designs. Estate sales are a great place to find pieces of jewelry that I can tear apart and make into something new and beautiful.

I use a variety of wire including gold filled, sterling silver and copper. Most of my designs are unique and I’m constantly coming up with new ones. My biggest challenge as a designer is to use a variety of colors and not just gravitate to my personal favorites.

I like to say that my jewelry will make the wearer feel beautiful.

Currently I sell my jewelry on Etsy and Instagram (through PayPal). I also participate in a number of local craft shows.

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