Juanita Carlos

In 2007, I was living in Australia and looking for something to do as a creative outlet. I did some water color paintings, played with silk painting and even carved ostrich eggs. I started out buying other designers bead patterns and learning different stitches like peyote, brick, loom etc.

After a few months I bought the beadcreator program and started creating my own designs. I created my own website in 2008 with the design name Jaycee. I live back in Africa now and find inspiration in everything around me, particularly in nature.

My favorite stitches are netting stitch and triangle weave, simply because both of these stitches are so versatile. I love seed beads, pearls and crystals but I am not so crazy about carrier beads. I do make a few patterns using carrier beads, but most beaders always have seed beads and either pearls or crystals on hand.

My designs have been published in the following magazines: Perlen Poesie, Bead and Button, the Australian beading magazine and the South African beading magazine as well as Jean Powers' book Small beads, Big Jewellery. I don't have a studio unfortunately, I just use my magnifying lamp and my dining room table. My work can be viewed at www.beadpatternsbyjaycee.com and also at www.etsy.com/shop/BeadPatternsbyJaycee

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