Heather Kahn

If you are lucky enough to grow up in a bead store, it is hard to resist trying almost every kind of beading technique. Bead embroidery is what I enjoy the most, especially when I can incorporate it into clothing or accessories. My favorite seed beads are matte metallic, silver-lined and metallic colors and I love to mix them in with African metal and freshwater pearls.

In 2008, my partner Jeff and I launched our costume-inspired clothing business. We sell our creations at Renaissance Faires, Comic Conventions and online to customers all over the world. Because we spend most of our time working here at the family bead headquarters, we have to build Chrononaut Mercantile on the weekends and after work.

I love to buy unusual cabochons, beads and pendants to work into my bead embroidery. My favorites are inspired by mythology and fantasy and add a story-telling element to my designs. I'm always on the lookout for hand-carved bone, ceramic and unusual stone pieces.

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