Bead Embroidered Mask

This bead-embroidered ultrasuede mask was such a fun project to make. It's perfect for Halloween, Mardi Gras, Carnival, a masquerade ball, or any costume event. We are currently developing mask designs and will have them available early 2017.

Because this is a larger free-form project, we are not including step by step instructions. Please refer to our bead embroidery earrings blog post for more detailed instructions. For an even more complete overview, The Art of Bead Embroidery (BK-0390) is a great reference book.

The mask was started by gluing down larger flat beads and cabochons as accents, then selecting some different seed bead shapes and colors to formulate a basic design concept.

Bead embroidered mask front and back

Here is a view of the back during the embroidery process. Lots of threads!

Back view of bead embroidered mask

Bead embroidered mask close up

Once the front of the mask was completed, the back pieces that hides the threads was attached. Because the beadwork can be quite heavy, several layers of interfacing were included to give the mask some added support. We used interfacing from a sewing project but one could also use cardboard or a thin plastic. The shape was traced onto the material and then trimmed down to be slightly smaller than the mask itself. This way you won't have to sew through it when attaching the beaded edge. The interfacing was then glued down to the inside of the ultrasuede to keep it in place.

Bead embroidery mask with interfacing

Bead embroidery mask before edging

Once all the layers were lined up, beaded edging was added. We began with the eye holes and then moved onto the outer edge. For the mask straps, a heavy cloth elastic was used which can usually be found at your local sewing supply store. The elastic was attached so that it fit between the two pieces of ultrasuede sewn together.

Finished bead embroidered mask

This was such a fun and unique project to complete. It is also a great way to use up leftover beads in your bead stash. The project is ambitious, but the result is absolutely stunning!
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Bead embroidered mask on model

Completed Bead Embroidered Mask

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