Anna Portyšová

My name is Anna Portyšová, my nickname is Mischka (Mischka Anna). I started to use this nickname many years ago and later I decided to use it also for my jewellery making and selling.

I live in Central Europe, in Czech Republic and I work as a financial clerk - accountant. So money and numbers are my job. This is the reason for my jewellery making - I am looking for beauty and harmony and creating my jewellery to compensate my non-creative job.

I found beads in 2004 and fell in love with them instantly. I started with beadwoven freeform bracelets and simple pieces of jewellery. But the longer I work with beads, the smaller and smaller beads I use. At this time I really love bead embroidery so the most of my creations are bead embroidered brooches, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

I especially love brooches because I can play with shapes, motives, and colours without limits. I use; Miyuki and Toho beads, Czech rocailles and pressed beads, minerals, natural stones, and fossils, which I look for at mineralogical trade shows.

Nature is an inspiration in my work, as well as my feelings and moods. Everything is hidden beneath the surface - natural shapes and muted natural colours and also passion and tension. I love playing with shades of one colour. Every time I sell something I am very happy that somebody likes my creations, it inspires me to invent and create new ideas.

I teach master classes in cities around my country, mostly in Prague and in Olomouc, where I live. I love all my jewellery students and enjoy teaching.


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