5/0 Triangle Beads (TR5)

Miyuki 5/0 Triangle beads (TR5) have three softly rounded corners and slightly concave surfaces. The largest of Miyuki's three sizes of Triangle beads, the TR5 measures 4mm x 3.5mm with a hole size of 1.5mm. There are approximately eleven TR5 beads per gram and eight beads per inch when strung.

TR5 beads are ideal for fiber arts such as knitting, crocheting, and weaving. They fit easily onto most worsted weight yarns and add a little extra sparkle and weight to every project. TR5 beads can be strung on C-Flex beading wire and can also accommodate thicker stringing materials, such as leather and C-Lon bead cord. Their triangular shape creates a unique texture when woven together. TR5 beads work well in Peyote, brick, and herringbone stitch.

The TR5 beads are available in over 120 striking colors. Color-lined, sparkling, matte silverlined, Aurora Borealis, and matte metallic are just a few of the beautiful finishes available. The large size and triagonal shape of the TR5 bead allows it to showcase each color like no other seed bead.

Free Projects with TR5:

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