2.8mm Triangle Spacer Beads (SPTR28)

The triangular shape and narrow width of SPTR28 spacer beads make them the perfect choice for stacking and layering in bead embroidered designs. SPTR28 spacer beads measure 2.8mm x 1.3mm. There are approximately 75 beads per gram and 20 beads per inch in every tube. They are the medium of the three sizes of Spacer beads produced by Miyuki and the only triangular spacer bead.

SPTR28s have three soft rounded corners which give these spacers their triangle shape. They have a generous hole size of 1mm, so it is easy to make multiple passes through with Miyuki thread or to string on any size of C-Flex beading wire. Spacer beads are often used in stitching and bead-weaving projects, because they can be nestled together in-between other shaped beads. One corner of this spacer bead will stick out when woven or stitched. This will break up flat beadwork and create a lovely and unpredictable asymmetry.

There are over thirty colors and finishes, from shiny and luster golds to glossy metallics. All three sizes of spacer bead have the same color palette, so they can be mixed, matched and interchanged. Pair spacers with a shiny gold or silver 15/0 Japanese seed bead for a spotlight of shine and contrast in a stringing or weaving project. Try stacking SPTR28s together with a 15/0 seed bead to create height and contrast in a bead embroidered pendant or cuff.

Place the triangular spacer at the base of a ball or headpin, and alternate with other shaped beads, then make a wrapped loop at the top to create a fanciful dangle for a necklace or bracelet. SPTR28s can also be strung on C-Flex beading wire alone or with other beads to create a spotlight of shine, color and texture. Add a little edge and fantasy to your beadwork when you use triangle spacer beads to accentuate your designs.

Free projects with SPTR28:

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