• C-flex Beading Wire Sale

Item # Description/Size Stock Quantity Qty Break Price Quantity
CF015.30 BLK
C-Flex 49-Strand Beading Wire .015 30 ft black
425 1+
CF015.100 BLK
C-Flex 49-Strand Beading Wire .015 100 ft black
200 1+
CF015.1000 BLK
C-Flex 49-Strand Beading Wire .015 1000 ft black (old label)
18 1+
  • .015 inch diameter
  • 49-strand wire core
  • Nylon Coated
  • Made in the USA.

49-strand C-flex beading wire is made in the USA exclusively for Caravan Beads. The 49-strand wire core is covered with nylon to make a very strong and supple beading wire which is great for any bead-stringing project. The .015" medium diameter is our most popular size and will fit through most beads and seed beads. The wire center is coated in black nylon.