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C -LON Micro Cord Purple - 8 bobbins
57 1+
C -LON Micro Cord Purple - 4 bobbins
114 1+
C-LON Micro Cord Purple - one bobbin
8 1+

Tex 70

Bobbin measures 1" x 1.25"

Approximately 320 yards (293m) per bobbin.

Made in the USA

Approximately 320 yards (293m) per bobbin.

There are many systems of thread measurement. The Tex system is based on the weight in grams of 1 kilometer of a given thread. So a Tex 35 thread, for example, 1 km long, weighs about 35 grams. Our heaviest thread, Tex 400, 1 km long, weighs about 400 grams. The larger the Tex number, the thicker/heavier the thread.

Our beading threads are Tex 35 (AA) and Tex 45 (D). The letters AA and D come from another common system of thread measurement. There are many systems--too many!

Our beading 'cords' from thinnest to heaviest are:

Tex 70 (CLMC) - Micro Cord

Tex 135 (CLC.135) - Fine Weight

Tex 210 (CLC) - Bead Cord

Tex 400 (CLC.400) - Heavy Weight

(Customers sometimes ask for thread diameters in millimeters. While we can give approximate diameters, they are not accurate because thread is soft and will compress when measured. Thread manufacturers always use weight-based systems to measure thread, not diameter.)