There are only 3 of us!

Posted 3/30/20

Dear Bead Friends,

We are delighted to still be able to fill your orders, but there are only 3 of us working (instead of 20). Expect it to take more than the usual 1-day time to ship out your order. Please be kind, and know that it will also take longer for us to answer emails and check out color matching or similar help.

We also need to make sure that we are supporting our friends who are doing remote work from home, running payroll, accepting inbound shipments that were already scheduled, and much more.

We are expecting an AIR and SEA shipment this week. We will be leaving those boxes alone for several days without touching them, and when they are opened it will take  longer for us to move the beads into our inventory.

This is the 8th day that we have been spending time with just the 3 of us, so you can imagine that we are all doing our best to still get along and we know that you are probably in a similar situation so you will be sympathetic.


Heather, Jeff & Melissa

Posted 3/21/20

Dear Bead Friends,

We are going to keep shipping beads for as long as we are allowed to stay open. We are taking strict precautions and only three of us will be running the whole warehouse (Heather, her partner Jeff, & their housemate Melissa). Because we live together, and work together, we'll be keeping Caravan Beads going through these challenging times and everyone else who works here will stay home and get paid as long as possible! 

Melissa & Orion

We do have plenty of beads here in the warehouse, and we are expecting a shipment sometime in the next few weeks. Because there are only three of us, it may take a bit longer to unpack and ship orders, but we will do our best!

Heather and Magister

We will have plenty of emotional support at home with our best friends. We want to thank you all for continuing to order beads so that all the team at Caravan can keep going strong!

Jeff and Penny

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