COVID-19 Updates

Please note that we will be closed on the following dates: July 1st - July 5th, September 6th, November 25th-27th, December 23rd-26th, December 30th-Jan 2nd.

We will ship orders promptly, but they may take a while to arrive. Please be patient and know that all the delivery people are doing their best in this difficult time!

When the world shifted because of COVID-19, we knew that our top priority was to keep shipping orders to our customers in the safest possible way. The safety of our staff is our top priority because if one person becomes sick, we may need to shut down our entire office.

Our warehouse and attached bead store were not designed with a pandemic in mind. We have cozy communal areas that are shared by all of our staff, some of whom have children or parents in their households, or who are immunocompromised and cannot be put at risk.

Because of this we will be working with a smaller staff during this difficult time, so we can't process orders quite as fast. We are doing our best to ship as quickly as possible. Please be understanding, and allow us to ship efficiently without adding to or changing your order, which will cause additional delays. The shipping companies are also overloaded so your order may be additionally delayed in transit.

As small business owners, we normally ship 6 days a week and work over holidays. We will not be shipping on Saturdays or Holiday weekends during the pandemic. This small and dedicated team is working very, very hard to fill a huge volume of orders every weekday. We will be taking the weekends and holidays off so we can stay healthy and not lose our minds.

We are requiring a minimum order of $25 to keep our order volume manageable. Please know that we love you all very much, and we apologize for the difficulty this causes.

We understand that the pandemic is affecting different areas of the world and people in different ways. We are a family-owned business, and the safety of our loved-ones is what we are determined to preserve.

We have already been impacted by the coronavirus. One of our employees was packaging beads when she was diagnosed with COVID-19. Fortunately we had already implemented a strict separation of staff areas, and quarantined all product moving from one room into another for 24+ hours.

We also lost our beloved grandmother Betty to the coronavirus on May 17th. We hope that wherever you live, you will raise your mug of coffee or a vodka tonic in her memory.

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