Barbara Elbe

My interest in beading began in 1989 when I purchased my first pair of beaded earrings from a customer of mine at a bank where I worked. Curious as to how the beads had been woven together, I immediately went out to our nearest bead store and purchased my very first book on beading.

Once I had mastered brick stitch I was completely hooked. By 1993 I had enough beaded jewelry to start participating in arts & craft fairs. We would pack up our little car and travel several hundred miles to sell my handmade items. In 1994, with more designs than I knew what to do with, I found a publisher for my first book of patterns, “Beaded Images”. In 1995 the follow-up book, “Beaded Images II”, came out. In 1996 I decided to try my hand at self- publishing. This was “Back to Beadin'”, containing a mixture of amulet purse, earring and crocheted rope patterns.

Our website,, came about in 1997, mainly as a place to show off my books. Through this new medium I found I was able to connect better with other beaders. We received many inquiries from individuals who could not find the supplies needed to complete the patterns in my books. Because of this, we decided to add Delica beads to the website.

In 1998 my fourth book, “Amulet Obsession”, came out. This book is strictly amulet purse designs. In 2002 my fifth and final book, “Forever In Beads”, was added to the group. It contains a mixture of purse, earring and frameable beadwork patterns.

Between keeping up our website and filling bead orders, there has not been much time left these days to bead. Fortunately I still have the enjoyment of handling all those glorious Delica colors on a daily basis, so I’m happy.

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