Miyuki Pricing Update

On June 1 Miyuki updated our cost on all non-Delica beads (seed beads, cubes, drops, triangles, bugeles, etc.) I'll soon begin updating our prices to reflect these changes. As happened with the Delicas, some of Miyuki's prices have increased, some have decreased, and a handful have increased a lot. I'll update this news page each time I update a category--15/0 seed beads will be first, probably at the end of this week, followed by 11/0s, and so on. So if you notice price changes, I'm the guy to blame.

Retail tube prices will not be changing yet--that's a whole set of headaches and I'm kicking that can down the road.

If you don't see any price changes on 15/0s for a while, it'll mean that granddaughter number two has arrived and I've got better things to do than mess with spreadsheets.


PS We keep asking Faye if she's ready to be a big sister. Based on this photo, I'd say the answer is along the lines of "You must be kidding!"

PPS Miyuki is running 4-6 months behind on production of Duracoat beads. That means if I order a Duracoat bead tomorrow, it'll be at least four to six months before it is produced plus another month or longer for delivery from Japan. Success creates its own set of problems. The good news is that they are building another machine to apply the Duracoat finish and hope to have it up and running in December.

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