Miyuki Price Increases

Update June 20th: I will be uploading the new Delica prices tonight or tomorrow. We'll honor the prices on current orders, so if you sent in an order over the weekend or this morning, the prices will be what you see on your copy of the order. If you have an order you're working on but we don't receive it before the new prices are uploaded, then you'll be charged the new prices. NOTE than some of the new prices will be lower than the current pricing. It's a mix. In general prices will not change by large amounts with a few dramatic exceptions where Miyuki's pricing went up 30% or more.


Last year Miyuki told us they would be raising prices for the first time in more than 20 years. Our Delica costs increased January 1 of this year (2016) and non-Delica costs increased on June 1. We have absorbed the increased costs so far but need to adjust prices soon as some of the increases are large.

I'm reviewing pricing now and plan to update Delica prices first, by June 30th or sooner. For some items the changes will be small--some prices may even go down--but others will see increases as high as 30%. Once the Delicas are done, I'll work on the non-Delicas. I hope to have all the new pricing in place by the end of July at the latest.

Best wishes for the summer,


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