8/0 seed bead projects

Size 8 seed beads are medium sized seed beads, about halfway between the smaller 11/0s and the larger 6/0s in size. Miyuki 8/0 Japanese seed beads are preferred for their consistent size and wide array of colors. 8/0 seed beads are perfect for a number of projects including stringing, weaving and Kumihimo braiding. 8/0 seed beads measure 3mm x 2mm with a hole size of 1mm. Count is approximately 39 beads per gram. Learn about 8/0 seed beads or try one of our projects using 8/0 Seed beads.

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8C-MIX-03:  8/0 Cut Mix - Metallic Rain
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    - Miyuki is Japan's oldest seed bead manufacturer. Their...