Berry Beads

The bubbly shape of Miyuki Berry Beads (BB) is perfect for adding hints of beauty to any stringing or bead weaving project. Don't let their adorably playful shape fool you, these glass beads stitch up to make surprisingly sophisticated pieces. Berry beads are formed in a bone shape with a stringing hole through the center of the bead. They're similar to a peanut bead, but smaller, and they look very much like two drop beads that have been melded together. Berry beads measure 2.5mm x 4.5mm. When strung, these beads nest together and interlock. They are great for making single strands of jewelry, as well as beaded beads. You can use them in seed bead embroidery and weaving projects for adding dimension and texture to a flat project. Other similar shaped beads that you may see from other vendors include Matsuno peanut beads and Preciosa farfalle beads.

Berry Bead Bubbles Bracelets

Try weaving Berry beads into a bracelet with peyote or right angle weave for a look that's fluid on the wrist. I love how these bracelets look AND feel. The beautiful dotted patterns seem to float above the skin like bubbles thanks to the delicate curves in the center of each bead.

Miyuki Berry beads

String them on memory wire mixed with wooden or seed-pod beads for a style that's perfectly organic. This style looks best when each turn of your bracelet is strung with a different shaped bead. It gives the illusion of wearing a stack of multiple bracelets all at once. The berry beads do a fantastic job at adding texture and interest, especially when mixed with other shapes.

Miyuki Berry beads on memory wire

Miyuki Berry beads are available in matte, shiny, metallic, and pearly finishes. Miyuki Berry Bead matte metallics have a rustic charm whether you're using matte black, pewter, vivid green, or bronze. Mix the mattes with the shiny metallic colors for a look that is strikingly modern. Pearl colors look best mixed with other textures and finishes so don't be afraid to experiment with color and composition. The colorlined Berry beads are the most unique beads in this collection. Their glassy effervescence has a watery feel; in which the color seems to be floating inside a pinched droplet.

Berry bead tubes

When adding a strand of Berry beads to a strung seed bead necklace you're able to add texture to an otherwise simple multi strand necklace. Just as adding them to woven or embroidered pieces creates structure and adds a bit of character. The bubbly texture of these beads is both fun and fashionable. Versatility and elegance are the key words when describing the Berry Beads collection. For unique style in your seed bead designs try one of our bracelet patterns that include Berries or simply string them on their own. Either way, you will love this perfect little bead and all of the brilliant colors options.

The Infinity Link Necklace is a perfect example of mixing different shapes and sizes. Using two pieces of C-Flex, the Berry beads weave in and out of the links making an infinity pattern throughout the front of this necklace. When strung in loops around the large rings, they not only add interest, they dress things up while being both unconventional and elegant.

Try these Berry bead projects:

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